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Boku no Pico is one of the best known anime on the internet. Not because of its quality, not because of its story (because it doesn’t have one), not because of its great animation….. No, it is known for being considered the most disturbing anime ever, but why? You may ask…. Easy and simple to answer: Because of what happens in the plot.

Probably, you started in the world of anime, and asked for a recommendation in some Internet group. The first thing they recommend is Boku no Pico, and not only to you. Every innocent person who wants to enter this world gets the same recommendation.

It doesn’t matter what genre a person wants to watch, horror, comedy, romance, action, etc. They all end up in the same thing; Boku no Pico.

Well… If you’re wondering what a Boku no Pico is, here’s the simple answer: An anime where an adult has sex with an underage teenager. Yes, just as you read… But, if you think this is surprising and disturbing, let me inform you that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As if this were not enough in the 4 OVAS we can witness the “sexual development” of Pico, when he explores even more with his new friend named Coco.

It should be noted that this anime is also famous for being the first Shotacon anime in history according to many people. And despite all that we have mentioned above, this one is VERY famous among genre lovers and has been awarded with several prizes.

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Without a doubt, you will be a different person when you watch Boku no Pico, it is an anime that will change your life.

So you have two options from that moment on: you can ruin someone else’s life by recommending this anime to every friend who wants to get started in the otaku world… Or you can preserve their innocence and warn them about what awaits them.

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