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Krilin is one of the most famous characters in the Dragon Ball anime. He appears for the first time in season one of the anime, and becomes Goku‘s best friend and he accompanies him in his adventures with Bulma.

But, there is a rather interesting detail about this character, and that is that Krilin has some very strange dots on his forehead that most fans don’t know what they mean.

What do the dots on Krilin’s forehead mean?

The reason why Krilin has stitches on his forehead is because Krilin is a monk. This character started his training at a very early age, exactly at 4 years old, although when he turned 13 he decided to leave the temple.

Originally, during the 5th century, monks were marked with 6 dots on their foreheads to differentiate them from true monks, since, at that time, rebels used to hide in Buddhist temples.

And the meaning of the krilin dots in Dragon Ball may not have the same meaning, but, let’s remember that this was originally written by a Japanese, and therefore, many references to Japanese culture are made in the anime itself.

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