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The Promised Neverland is a series full of action, death and very interesting stories, and it has made a place for itself in the anime world thanks to its premise that hovers between fantasy and reality.

In a world where children are raised in “farms” for later consumption by demonic entities, you’ve probably wondered more than once where they come from, and that’s why this time we show you the origin of the demons of The Promised Neverland!


Demons and humans have lived in a constant battle for their survival since the beginning of time, some considered them gods while others knew their true selves, and it is not known if at some point in history they populated the Earth or already did so from the beginning.

Although Norman has a rather interesting hypothesis: They were bacterial organisms that devoured everything in their path to acquire their characteristics, until at one point they decided to hunt humans to obtain their intelligence.


For many years the demons were the predators and the humans the prey, until the latter turned the game on its head and confronted their hunters, unleashing a bloody war that left many dead on both sides.

Seeing that they could not come to a resolution, they decided to sign a peace treaty, which states that humans and demons would live in separate environments and would not interfere or cross their boundaries.


To seal the deal, the Ratri Clan (the equivalent of royalty in The Promised Neverland) gave up a group of humans so that the demons could feed and keep the peace between the two sides.

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This was the beginning of the farms and where the plot of the anime develops, and depending on the grade of the demon in question, it can access regular farms or Premium farms, where they can find “quality” meat incomparable to the regular ones.

That’s right, this is the origin of the demons in The Promised Neverland, what do you think, do you have any theories about them, leave us your opinion in the comments!

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