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Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan! It is one of the most talked about anime series in recent years for several reasons. For its animation, for its almost incomprehensible but enthralling plot, for the story, for the characters and of course for what the series makes us feel every time one of our favorite characters suffers or dies.

If you are one of those fans of this series who wants to know everything about your favorite characters, even the birthday of Attack on Titan characters, this is the place for you.

Below is a list of character birthdays by month:


6/01. Auruo Brossard.


14/01. Florian Reiss.

15/01. Reiss History.

18/01. Hannes.

21/01. Mikasa’s father.

22/01. Grandfather of Kenny Ackerman.

26/01. Grisha Jaeger.

28/01. Sasha’s squadron leader.

29/01. Carla Jaeger.

30/01. Eld Jinn.

31/01. Henning.


2/02. Frieda Reiss.

Kenny Ackerman.

10/02. Falco Grice. Mikasa Ackerman.

14/02. Traute Carven.

17/02. Ymir. Lynne.

20/02. Mitabi Jarnach.

23/02. Kaya


22/03. Annie Leonhart.

Carolina Mine.

30/03. Eren Jaeger.


5/04. Eren Kruger.

7/04. Jean Kirstein.

12/04. Hannah Diamant.

14/04. Gabi.

15/04. Darius Zackly.

28/04. Nifa.


2/05. Connie Springer.

10/05. Hitch Dreyse.

17/05. Wife of Rod Reiss.

20/05. Kurchel Ackerman.

22/05. Annie’s father.


26/07. Sasha Blouse. Dina Jaeger.

30/07. Connie’s father.


Zeke Jaeger.

Reiner Braun.

5/08. Pieck.

7/08. Abel Reiss.

10/08. Marcel Galliard.

12/08. Colt Grice.

18/08. Keith Shadis.


5/09. Hanji Zoë.

11/09. Flegel Reeves.

13/09. Dot Pixis.

15/09. Rod Reiss.


8/10. Floch.

9/10. Gelgar.

12/10. Dirk Reiss.

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14/10. Erwin Smith.

23/10. King Fritz.

28/10. Djei Sannes.


3/11. Armin Arlet.

6/11. Petra’s father.

8/11. Mikasa’s mother.

11/11. Porco Galliard.

18/11. Mr. Arlert.

Faye Jaeger.


Connie’s mother

6/12. Petra Ral.

7/12. Rico Bizenska.

25/12. Levi Ackerman.

26/12. Klaus.

27/12. Marlene.

30/12. Bertolt Hoover.

31/12. Uri Reiss.

As you can see, this is the list with the birthdays of the main Attack on Titan characters! Have you already checked if you have the same birthday as your favorite character? If not, check it right now.

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