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Attack on Titan is an anime that has made a name for itself, its sublime animation style and a very interesting story with an incredible plot-twist, it is to be expected that it will be on everyone’s lips thanks to its 4 seasons of pure action and fights.

One of the characters that, although at first seems part of the scenery, has had a very relevant role during the development of the plot, is Grisha Jaeger, Eren’s father and a member of the Eldia Restorers (a revolutionary group that tries to overthrow the current government).

So this time we will talk about his role in Attack on Titan and how he went from being a simple citizen of Marley’s government to an important tool for the story.


Grisha Jaeger was born in an internment area in the city of Liberio, where he spent his childhood as an Eldian (lower than Marleyan) citizen while observing the injustices of the government towards the lower class inhabitants.

His hatred for the government intensifies when his sister is killed by an officer when they are caught outside the boundaries of their living area, and he decides to rebel against those responsible for the tragedy.

While his parents justify the murder of his sister, he hides his true thoughts on the matter and pretends to agree with the official testimonies, without revealing his true intentions for the future.

The Restorers of Eldia

When he turns 18, he inherits his father’s clinic and dedicates himself to the medical arts. One day a man who claims to be from the secret revolutionary group “The Restorers of Eldia” arrives at his practice and offers to become part of it, promising to take revenge on those who possess the power to do evil.

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By becoming a member of the revolution he gains access to its archives, where he discovers many truths that had been hidden by Marley’s government, and vows to return the power of the Founding Titan to the remaining Eldians in the city (the others live within the walls where the story unfolds).

Joys and betrayals

Everything was going well in Grisha Jaeger’s life, with a son by his first wife, named Zeke, and his activities in the secret group, his life seemed to be on a magnificent course. Until Marley’s government started recruiting eldian children to fight their enemies (turning them into titans).

Grisha saw this as an opportunity to get closer to the power of the Titan Founder and offers his son, teaching him the radical thinking of the revolution and the purposes it holds.

Unfortunately, Zeke, at 7 years of age, betrays the cause to the Marley government and they trap the Eldia Restorers, condemning them to wander forever on Paradis Island as mindless titans.

Upon arriving on the island and subsequently being transformed, the only remaining human is Grisha, as his companions were expected to devour him in their uncontrolled frenzy; but Eren Kruger (one of those involved in his sister’s death) saves him and reveals to him that he is the spy who has provided information to the resistance for years.

Eren entrusts him with a mission of vital importance: to recover the power of the Founder Titan possessed by the king of the walls, and complete the goal of the revolution. Grisha accepts and devours Kruger to obtain the powers of the Attack Titan.

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Life on the walls

Somehow he reaches the city walls and is temporarily arrested because the guards believed that he had accidentally left the city. After being released he becomes the “town doctor” and lives a normal life.

When he saves the entire city from a deadly plague by developing a vaccine against it, his popularity increases and he marries a waitress, giving birth to his second son, Eren Jaeger.

Time passes and the Battleship Titan invades the city, and while everyone flees, Grisha seeks out Frieda Reiss (bearer of the Founder Titan’s power) and confronts her in her Titan form, winning the fight and stealing her ability.

Finally, he returns to the walls in search of Eren and takes him to a distant forest, where he reveals his identity and injects him with the Titan Serum, causing him to devour it and gain the ability of the Founder Titan.

What did you think of Grisha Jaeger’s role in Attack on Titan? How do you think it could have ended? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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