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Bleach, along with Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece is one of the classic shonen of the anime world, which almost every anime fan knows and should watch as a matter of course. Despite being anime that were released many years ago, even today they are still remembered, talked about and recommended among new readers and Otakus around the world.

But, as with any long anime, this one is not free of filler. Episodes that are generally boring, slow, and do not contribute anything to the main plot. Because they are filler, it’s okay if you skip them, although there are others who prefer to watch them so as not to miss any details. Regardless of what kind of person you are, in the list below we will show you which are the Bleach filler chapters.

Bleach Filler Chapters

Bleach has a total of 366 episodes. By following this list you will be able to know which of them are filler:

  • 33 “Miracle! The new mysterious hero!
  • 50 “The lion awakens!
  • 64-109 “The Bounts Arch”.
  • 128-137 “The Arrancar attack”.
  • 147-149 “In the Forest of Less”.
  • 168-189 “The new captain Amagai Shusūke.”
  • 204-205 “The kemari game”.
  • 213-214 “The Karakuraizer Arch”.
  • 227-265 “The Zanpakuto rebellion”.
  • 266 “The fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra”.
  • 284 “Sacrificial chain, Halibel’s past”.
  • 287 Gaiden! Ichigo and the magic lamp”
  • 298-299 “Bleach: Hell Verse movie promotion”.
  • 303-305 “New Year, monsters and battles.”
  • 311-341 “The invasion of the third division”.
  • 355 “Shinigami at War New Year’s Special at Seireitei!”

This is a list of all the filler chapters you can find in Bleach. So, if you want to follow 100% the Bleach story and not miss these side details, or if you just want to skip these episodes to not get bored, you know which chapters to skip.

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