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Black Clover is an anime based on a Japanese manga of the same name created by Yuki Tabata. This anime takes us into a new world where magic predominates, where everything has magical power and it is possible to manipulate everything thanks to natural abilities.

Although we find ourselves in a world full of magic, there are those who are not able to manipulate it, like the protagonist named Asta, but this will not stop him, as he will strengthen and train his body to be the best with what he has.

On the other hand, Yuno, an orphan like Asta, unlike the latter has an impressive magical power and was born as a prodigy since he is able to control magic at will and is talented enough to stand out from the rest.

This is, in itself, how the plot of Black Clover begins. Two friends totally opposite in terms of powers and personality also go through different adventures and we will witness their evolution as characters.

This anime originally had 13 chapters, but, over time, many more have been broadcasted. Although, as it usually happens, there are certain chapters that do not contribute anything to the plot and are classified as filler. There are those who do not like to skip the filler so as not to lose details, and there are others who prefer to skip them since they do not influence the plot and continue with the story.

No matter what type of person you are, we will still leave a list of Black Clover filler chapters:

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  • 3 “To the capital of the Kingdom of Clover!”.
  • 12 “What the Magician King sees”.
  • 13 “What the Magician King sees. Continued.”
  • 29 “Path”.
  • 66 “The secret of Ojo de la Noche Blanca”.
  • 67 “Double date at the festival”.
  • 68 “Fight to the death?! Yami vs. Jack.”
  • 82 “Petit Clover special! Charmy the devil.”
  • 85 “Fraternizing naked”.
  • 86 “Yami and Vangeance”.
  • 88 “Entrance to the barracks of Ojo de la Noche Blanca”.
  • 102 “Two Miracles”.
  • 123 “The Memories of Nero and …. “. First part.
  • 124 “The Memories of Nero and …. “. Second part.
  • 125 “Homecoming”.
  • 130-152. Filler. 22 chapters of pure filler that is best avoided.

This is a short list of Black Cover’s filler chapters. Don’t wait any longer and enjoy this amazing anime on your favorite streaming platform.

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