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Attack On Titan, despite its 4 seasons of pure action and incredible story, doesn’t get rid of what we (almost?) all hate: filler chapters. But if it didn’t have them, the anime would have ended much faster than we think.

Besides, not everything can be drama and death, if it were like that, the action anime genre would not have as much audience as it currently has, since seeing the characters interact outside the battlefield is always a breath of fresh air in the face of circumstances.

So this time we bring you the filler chapters in Shingeki no Kyojin, whether you want to watch them or avoid them, you’ll know what they are!

Chapter 22, Season 1: The vanquished

It wouldn’t so much be called filler, because it does help advance the plot a bit, but even so the themes they deal with don’t add much to the plot.

Here Commander Levi rescues the protagonist from the clutches of the Female Titan, while the Scouts delay the arrival of the Titans by using the bodies of their comrades as a barricade against them. During the chapter the plot does not advance much.

Chapter 2, OVA: A Sudden Visitor

During a training exercise things between Sasha and Jean escalate and an argument ensues. Jean pays her mother a visit after winning the argument with her mother’s omelet recipe.

Chapter 3, OVA: Anguish

A team of thieves raids the armory and steals training equipment, kidnapping Christa in the process. Putting aside their differences this time, Eren and Jean team up to defeat them and get their friend back. Meanwhile Armin begins to doubt whether the raid was planned so that Jean and Eren’s relationship would improve.

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Chapters 4 and 5, OVA: No Regrets

This time we learn about Levi’s past and how he became a Scout commander, surprisingly enough, he was not always a soldier.

While Levi and his friend are training Isabel (their other friend) with stolen 3D equipment, they are surprised by Erwin and his patrol, and are forcibly recruited by them.

After Erwin’s assassination attempt by Levi, Furlan and Isabel fails (as the latter two were devoured by a titan) he decides to stay in the army and follow his commander’s orders.

Chapter 33, Season 2: The hunters

Erwin gathers the entire Scout regiment and calls for reinforcements from the Military Police to find out Eren’s whereabouts after being kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholdt. After the different theories and hypotheses they propose, they all agree to go to the Forest of the Giant Trees to rescue him.

Chapter 38, Season 3: Smoke Signal

Eren uses his new hardening techniques in his Titan form, and Levi forms his own squad of which Armin is a part. The government wants custody of Historia and Eren, so Levi kidnaps their doubles, who turn out to be Jean and Armin.

Chapter 39, Season 3: Pain

In a desperate attempt to save Eren and Historia, Levi’s squad confronts Levi’s former mentor and his patrol. They fail miserably and must retreat, meanwhile Reeves reveals that the Reiss family is the true royal family and Historia is their original heir.

Chapter 40, Season 3: Old Story

Pun aside, Historia’s past is revealed after talking to his father, and Erwin creates a plan to overthrow the government once and for all, but is arrested in the attempt.

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Chapter 41, Season 3: Trust

Erwin will be tried in the king’s court and so he will know the sentence that awaits him, Levi’s squadron outwits an outpost and Erwin warns them about Pyxis’ plan.

These are the filler chapters in Attack On Titan, from season 4 onwards there is practically no filler, so this list covers up to season 3. What do you think? Is there another chapter that you consider filler? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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