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The 7 Deadly Sins are the powerful warriors protagonists of the anime Nanatzu no Taizai who are led by Meliodas. These are 7 knights who have unique characteristics and are identified by tattoos on their bodies representing different animals.

Who are the 7 Deadly Sins?

Formerly, they were an order of knights serving the kingdom of Britannia. Their leader was Meliodas. Originally this order had been founded in order to defeat the 10 Commandments, but, the Deadly Sins had no notion of this.

Subsequently, they were branded as traitors and bandits after they were blamed for the murder of Zaratras, the Great Sacred Knight. By order of Meliodas, they went into hiding and scattered throughout the world so that they would not be caught.

The 7 Deadly Sins

The Capital Sins of Nanatzu No Taizai, are as follows:

1. Meliodas, the sin of wrath

Melodias, Deadly Sins.

Meliodas is the leader of the knightly order and possibly the most powerful of all. His mark is that of a dragon, which is known in various mythologies as a powerful and fearsome being, especially in Asian culture. His sacred treasure is the demon sword Lostvayne.

2. Diane, the sin of envy

Diane, Deadly Sins.

She is a woman of great height whose main weapon is her sacred treasure Gideon, which is a giant war hammer. She has a snake tattooed on her skin that represents her sin, since this animal is known to be envious and poisonous, what she usually transmits is her personality, especially when it comes to love.

3. Ban, the sin of greed

Ban, Deadly Sins.

This sin is attributed to this knight thanks to his insatiable search for immortality, which he finally achieved after being condemned for destroying the Fairy King’s Forest and killing the Sacred Guardian. He has a Fox tattooed on his body, since, in many cultures he is known for being a bold and thieving animal, an activity that is related to Ban, since he likes to steal. His sacred treasure is called Courechouse.

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4. King, the sin of laziness

King, Deadly Sins.

King is a warrior who has a grizzly bear tattooed on his body. This animal represents King’s sluggish personality, as he spends a lot of time sleeping, but fierce, as he has considerable strength. His sacred treasure is a spear called Chastiefol and he is able to maneuver it with his mind.

5. Gowther, the sin of lust

Gowther, Deadly Sins.

He has a goat tattooed on his body, since, according to Greek mythology, satyrs are known to be lustful, sadistic beings who had no scruples when it came to raping maidens. He was unjustly accused of raping Princess Nadja, but, the reality is that they loved each other passionately, and she died after consummating her love with Gowther. Her sacred treasure is Herrit.

6. Merlin, the sin of gluttony

Merlin, Deadly Sins.

She is attributed with the sin of gluttony, since she possesses an insatiable hunger for knowledge, and is constantly learning arcane and magical arts. Such is her hunger for knowledge that she has had the time in her own reality to never grow old and thus continue acquiring knowledge. Her sacred treasure is the Aldan Morning Star.

7. Escanor, the sin of the proud

Escanor,  Deadly Sins.

He is a conceited, proud, arrogant and powerful gentleman. During the day he is known for his arrogant personality, who respects no one but his own self. He has the Lion tattooed on his body, which is known to be the “King of the jungle” and represents his personality very well. He was accused by the kingdom of having terrorized towns and villages, as well as causing their apparent destruction. His sacred treasure is the Rhitta Axe.

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These are the 7 Deadly Sins and whose story we can learn more about their history and adventures by watching the anime Nanatzu no Taizai.

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