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Dr. Stone has been a breath of fresh air to anime, with its interesting storyline and educational classes with Senku, it has become a very famous series among anime fans, and has both shocking and funny moments.

Like any self-respecting anime, it has some incredible scenes that remain etched in the minds of many viewers, and that is why this time we bring you a Top 5 of the best moments of Dr. Stone, Enjoy it!

5. Tsukasa’s de-petrification

Let’s face it, Senku’s plan to save himself from the lions worked perfectly, Tsukasa’s fight against them was one of the most interesting moments of the anime, here he demonstrates the absolute strength he possesses even moments after coming out of his petrified state.

4. Senku, the survivor

The protagonist has worked hard to get to where he is now, and when we find out everything he did before creating the depetrifying liquid, he becomes a thousand times more incredible as a character.

3. Gen Plans

Revived by Tsukasa in search of countering Senku’s mastermind, Gen has become a crucial character in the series, saving the lives of many thanks to his magic (simple illusions) and incredible planning, with this character’s moments being some of the best in Dr. Stone.

2. The Green Death

In the search for sulfur, the representation of poisonous gas and Ginro’s funny grimaces make this episode of the 1st season one of the best moments of the anime, in addition to the educational piece it leaves us with concerning mine gases.

1. Creation of the telephone

And we end with the best moment of Dr. Stone, the creation of the first telephone, the whole procedure they went through to make it and the extensive dedication of the whole realm of science is memorable.

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From light bulbs, electricity and a lot of desire to defeat the kingdom of the force, this is the best moment of the whole anime, and something you shouldn’t miss.

What did you think of the top, are there any moments you consider memorable? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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