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If you like anime and enjoy watching different stories with different characters, but still want to find plots where there is a romantic theme between girls, then without a doubt the Yuri genre is for you, from its authentic definition as Shoujo-ai, but mostly known as Yuri in the world of anime; manga and / or video games.

If you are undecided when you want to watch an anime of Yuri genre then do not worry, because we will show you through a top multiple anime that may be of interest to you; that is why below we will give you a brief explanation of the 10 best Yuri anime to watch.

10. Noir

Episodes: 78

Undoubtedly to start in the world of Yuri anime genre you must watch Noir, an anime with extremely positive reviews that was broadcast in the early 2000s; having as main genres of action, mystery and drama.
Starting with Mireille Bouquet, a hired assassin who gets caught up in helping a girl who has amnesia problems; the latter during her journey realizes that she is a great assassin with unmatched skills; together they must find the answers to the questions and problems of her past.

The story has several scenarios, but the most significant occurs during his stay in the capital of France, Paris, thus being a somewhat dark anime with moments of violence, mystery and drama.

9. Yuri Yuri

Episodes: 12

This anime of Yuri genre that curiously has the name Yuri Yuri, is about its main character named Akari Akaza; Akari attends a girls’ school where she meets again with her childhood friends Kyouko Toshinou and Yui Funami.
Together they manage to create the Amusement Club, which can also be identified as an amusement club, later a new girl named Yoshikawa Chinatsu joins, in this club they usually do fun activities and hang out with friends; until at a certain point the girls begin to feel attracted to each other.

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8. Citrus

Episodes: 12

Citrus is perhaps the most recent anime that can be found in the list, and this anime was released in early 2018; an adaptation that has all the characteristics of the Yuri genre or mostly known as Girls’ Love .
We have as main character Yuzu Aihara, where we can notice that her life is becoming complicated by having to move and start in a totally unknown school; although it is a difficult step Yuzu takes it as a new way to find love.
However, while attending and studying at this new school, he will meet a young girl named Mei Aihara, who is extremely beautiful and carries the responsibility of being the president of the student body.

7. Candy Boy

Episodes: 10

Despite being a short-lived Girls’ Love anime and having a somewhat simple plot, but nonetheless engaging and entertaining and that is why it should be in the top 10 best Yuri anime to watch.
The story introduces us to the twin sisters Yukino Sakurai and Kanade Sakurai, anime that will focus on the life and day after day of both sisters; in the plot we can witness the character Sakuya that despite being friends with both Sakurai will end up falling in love with one of the twins.

6. Sasamekikoto

Episodes: 13

Anime of Yuri genre released and broadcasted at the end of 2009; Sasamekikoto tells the story of a girl named Murasame Sumika, in her school she is considered very popular thanks to her outstanding grades and her skills in sports.
Throughout the episodes you will see Murasame’s crush on his schoolmate Kazama Ushio, Kazama, like Murasame, is extremely popular, but this will not prevent their romance.

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5. Kanamemo

Episodes: 13

Kanamemo is a classic of the Yuri genre, and despite having a quieter and lower level of romance between girls, it is still an excellent anime; both entertaining, full of comedy and full of characters that make Kanamemo an endearing anime.

4. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Episodes: 1

Possibly this anime is the most simple or simple in our top, but we must not leave aside its essence; Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi has the basics of the Shoujo-ai genre.
And it all starts from the daily life of the lesbian couple between Sawaguchi Mai and Kawamura Reo, getting to know their problems, feelings and most intimate secrets.

3. Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku

Episodes: 13

If you require a Yuri anime that is a bit different, with diverse scenarios and unique storyline then Blue Drop is the perfect anime for you. Aired in 2007 Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku shows us a story full of science fiction and drama.
Mari Wakatake is the protagonist of this story; coming from Kamioki Island and being the only survivor of this place; Mari waking up with no memory and going on with her life must attend an all-girls academy. The story becomes even more interesting when the spirit of a girl follows Mari without stopping.

2. Strawberry Panic

Episodes: 26

The main scenario of this production takes place in the Catholic women’s school called Starrawberry Dorms; in this school Aoi Nagisa our main character attends, during her day to day at school she meets the young Hanazono Shizuma (representative of the school groups and known by all).
As expected the young Aoi Nagisa will have a great romance with the intimidating Shizuma, this is an anime full of feelings; betrayals, school loves and broken hearts.

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1. Witch Hunter Robin

Episodes: 26

This anime must be in our top, that’s why when talking about the 10 best Yuri anime to watch we must name The Witch Hunter; an adaptation with an unusual and unique plot for Girls’ Love fans.
The story revolves around the characters of Ellis and Nadie. Ellis is accused of committing a crime that must be paid for with her death, thus having to flee and hide from the “hunters”, that’s when the bounty hunter Nadie enters, who was supposed to pay Ellis’ fate but for some strange reason she didn’t do it.

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