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All lovers of Japanese culture have seen (at some point in their lives) anime of the comedy genre. And who hasn’t? These were common on TV since the 80’s, and were among the first to reach Western soil.

Today, they continue to be consumed by many, thanks to the large number of media that make them known and their easy-to-follow plot, in addition to the solid humor they possess.

If you want to know the 10 best comedy anime, this is the right place! We assure you that these series will make you laugh.

10. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Student life has always been used as fodder for comedy anime, what makes this one different?

You are guaranteed to laugh with the funny moments you will spend with Tadakuni, Yoshitake and company in this academy full of action and drama, in which you will be able to see how the most hilarious situations unfold and how our protagonists solve them.

9. Osomatsu-San

With animation that differs from the usual anime, it presents you with the life and occurrences of 6 twins who have a tendency to get into a great deal of trouble and come out of it without a scratch.

Its chapters are non-linear, so each one of them is a new world, perfect if you are looking for light plots with large doses of comedy.

8. Galaxy Angel

In space there are also laughs, or so this comedy series set in the cold vacuum, with funny protagonists and improbable adventures, wants to tell us.

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The Angels Brigade, a group in charge of recovering ancient pieces of “The Lost Technology” sends its best heroes to different sectors of space in their search, creating a lot of funny adventures that will make you laugh.

7. Hinamatsuri

A parody of Japanese mafias with action scenes and drama that will keep you glued to your seat for hours, Hinamatsuri is an official manga adaptation that tells the story of Nitta, a yakuza who, due to paranormal circumstances, must take care of a girl with psychic powers.

With colorful characters, a light but catchy story, this anime is a good option if you want to have a good laugh.

6. Detroit Metal City

If you like heavy metal and comedy, then this series was made especially for you.

A metal band is the sensation in Detroit, with songs from hell and quirky shows its members have become famous, but all is not what it seems. Their vocalist turns out to be a quiet, shy high school student when he doesn’t have makeup on his face.

With extraordinary songs, bizarre situations and not-so-sane characters, we recommend this anime!

5. Space Dandy

Do you like space operas? Then read carefully: Space Dandy is a tribute you’ll love.

Aliens, space adventures, epic protagonists, this anime has it all! With an interesting story and tons of comedy, it’s one of the best space anime at the moment, you shouldn’t miss it if you want to laugh for a while.

4. Asobi Asobase

What do two Japanese and an American student do in their free time to keep from getting bored? Place bets!

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The premise of Asobi Asobase is that you can have fun in many different ways, as our protagonists Kasumi, Olivia and Hanako seek to entertain themselves in their own school club by creating games from which outlandish situations arise.

3. Nichijou

A great exponent of Japanese comedy and with a lot of references on the internet, you should not miss the opportunity to watch this anime.

Taking a look at the lives of 6 normal high school students, we realize that “normal” is not the term they should have. From the typical problems of youth to life and death situations, you’ll have great adventures with these girls.

2. One Punch Man

What happens when you become the most powerful hero of all time? This is the story of Saitama and his day-to-day life as an unemployed superhero.

With a large dose of comedy and action, One Punch Man talks about bureaucracy, corruption and the lives of the heroes who protect Japan, as well as offering an amusing approach to the motivations of villains to commit crimes.

100% recommended, its two seasons will leave you wanting to see more.

1. Gintama

And we end with a classic! Gintama is a masterpiece in terms of comedy and references.

Set in feudal-period Japan, the aliens have arrived on the scene and have banned the use of swords, forcing Gintoki Sakata, our protagonist, to scavenge among the most peculiar jobs to survive.

With more than 300 chapters, its story and characters will make you laugh. Highly recommended if you are looking for a quality anime.

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