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Since always, one of the great rules of all stories is to have a happy ending. But, in some anime that will appear in this list this is not so.

Here is the top 10 anime where the main character dies.

10. Angel Beats

It tells the story of Yusuru Otonashi who wakes up in a school where a battle against an Angel is being fought. Later he discovers that he actually died and finds himself in a kind of limbo, where he must do what he could never do in life in order to rest in peace.

This is the list of the 10 anime where the main character dies that you can’t miss.

9. Death Parade

This anime has 12 episodes and talks about the life between heaven and hell. It is in this intermediate point where the souls of the people who die must pass a series of tests imposed by a referee who forces them to bet their souls.

8. Saga of Tanya the Evil

An atheist Japanese businessman suffers a train accident and just before he dies, time stops and God decides to give him another chance by sending him to another era, but, occupying the body of a little helpless girl. In this new world she is poor, orphaned and lives in an orphanage. In this way she will learn a lesson, and it is when she is forced to believe in God.

7. Yu Yu Hakusho

The story centers on a boy named Yousuke Urameshi, who dies saving a child from a car accident. When he goes to the world of the dead, he discovers that it was not his time to die, so he cannot enter heaven or hell, so he must stay on earth solving certain problems related to the paranormal and demons.

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6. Re: zero

This is the story of Subaru Natsuki, a high school student who gets lost in a world belonging to another reality who is rescued by a girl, he then stays with her to protect her, but is killed. It turns out that every time he dies he is resurrected and transported back to the moment where he first woke up.


One day, the body of Ichiri Inuyashiki, a 58 year old man, is destroyed thanks to an attack by aliens. As an apology, they repair his body by giving him extra abilities. He then seeks to protect the world and become a superhero, but what he does not count on is that, to protect them all, he must give his life.

4. Corpse Party

A gore anime where the protagonist dies in a tragic way, but at the same time it catches you by surprise. It turns out that he and his friends performed a ritual as a game, but they didn’t count on being transported to the cursed old school. It is here where everything gets out of control and they are killed one by one.

3. Osama Game The Animation

One day it turns out that in the class where Nobuaki studies, everyone is ordered to perform certain actions, and if they do not do them and do not comply with the rules of the game, they will die. This is the main plot of the story, and although many do not believe it at first, when each and every one of the students falls, is where it gets serious. In the end, the attempts to beat the game are futile, as it turns out that not everything was as expected.

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2. Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War

It is an anime about a tournament that is held every so often where 12 of the best assassins compete to find out who is the best. They have 12 hours to keep each and every one of the poisonous gems that the other assassins swallowed, and in the end, only 1 will win and have any wish fulfilled. Don’t fall in love with any character, because even though they all look like protagonists, no one is safe from death.

1. Death Note

The story begins when Light Yagami comes across the cursed notebook of a God of Death who got bored and threw it into the ground looking for fun. This notebook is capable of murdering the person whose name is written in it, and Light takes advantage of this to “Change the world”. The thing is that not everything goes as he expects, and in the end he is killed.

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