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June, a month full of exciting adventures, events and the occasional anime premiere, but did you also know that some of your favorite characters have birthdays this month?

This time we bring you a Top 10 Anime Characters with birthdays in June, even some of them may coincide with yours!

10. Takashi Yamazaki (Sakura Card Captors)

High school classmate and friend of Sakura, Takashi Yamazaki is a liar by nature, and only the most naive in the classroom believe him (which causes many problems). His birthday is June 1st.

9. Yuu Matsuura (Marmalade Boy)

This handsome young man is the protagonist of the anime Marmalade Boy, and has a birthday on June 3. Calm and mysterious, he bottles up his emotions so as not to “be a burden” to his friends and acquaintances.

8. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Sasuke’s older brother and misunderstood character throughout the series, Itachi is an excellent shinobi who did his best to protect Konoha from destruction. His birthday falls on June 9.

7. Tamao Tamamura (Shaman King)

The clairvoyant star of Shaman King also has his special day in June, specifically June 17. Although at times his future vision may not be the best, he is a key character and has quite a bit of potential.

6. Kenshin Himura (Samurai X)

Also known as Battōsai “The Unleasher,” this former assassin has a birthday on June 20. Determined never to kill anyone again, he possesses a Japanese sword with an upside-down edge, and despite his cruel past, he intends to make things right this time.

5. Chibiusa (Sailor Moon)

Little Lady is another character with a birthday on the 30th, at the end of June. She uses the identity of Chibiusa to hide her true self, but don’t be fooled, she has a lot of skills up her sleeve.

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4. Kaitou Kid (Kaito Kurobane)

Famous thief by night, normal high school student by day, Kaito Kuroba has a birthday on June 21. Fond of magic and a bit of a pervert, Kaitou Kid is a skilled thief who will do anything to get revenge on the organization that murdered his father, even if it means finding the philosopher’s stone that the bad guys want so badly.

3. Yumi Oumura (Chobits)

From the anime Chobits, Yumi Omura is a cheerful young girl employed at the “My Pleasure” pub and her birthday falls on June 20th. A bit insecure and with some internal problems but leaving aside her negative traits she is very optimistic about the future and the achievements she can accomplish in her life.

2. Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

The typical depressed teenager with emotional problems and lack of parental love, Shinji Ikari has his birthday on June 6. In charge of an Evangelion and tasked with protecting the world, Shinji is not your typical anime superhero, here we are dealing with a young man with real problems and who struggles every day not only with dangerous angels, but with himself.

1. Momo Hinamori (Bleach)

Deputy captain of the 5th division and Kidö expert, this imposing woman has a birthday on June 3rd. Although she may not look like it, she is a very kind and sweet Shinigami who has been betrayed more times than can be counted. Despite this, she is very strong and will not hesitate to help anyone in need.

What did you think of the top, are there any characters you know with a birthday in June? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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