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At some point we have all thought of having a power related to some element and this idea was transferred to anime in the form of fire powers of many kinds. This list of 10 characters have supernatural powers related to fire, and most of them have an interesting story or are part of anime that have become classics.

Hao Asakura

Shaman King is an action anime that focuses on the struggle of “shamans” to become the Shaman King. Although many of us watched this series in our childhood, it did not have so much popularity, however, one of its characters managed to be very popular for having one of the strongest spirits for his inexhaustible power related to fire and being, in this series, a figure very similar to Itashi.

Hao Asakura is at first an antagonist, but over time we see the complexity of this and all the other shamans who take center stage in the story. Along with Hao, and the source of his great power, is the spirit of fire and Hao, thanks to his great spiritual strength, is one of the few elemental shamans.

Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang, or better known as the Fire Alchemist, is one of the most powerful central characters in Full Metal Alchemist. His great knowledge in bilogy, physics and his experimental theory on alchemy makes his fighting style unique, making him one of the most powerful and popular alchemists in and out of the series.

Portgas D. Ace

This One Piece character is charismatic and enigmatic from the beginning, being the figure that motivates Monkye D. Luffy to search for Gold D. Roger’s Hidden Treasure and become the great pirate king. This anime is not only one of the longest airing, it is also one of the most popular and Ace is one of the centerpieces of Luffy’s story.

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At this point we give a small spoiler of the series by pointing out that, like Luffy, Ace eats from the devil fruit and, since then, is able to become fire itself, being one of the most powerful warriors in this universe.


Hiei is one of the characters from Yu Yu Hakusho that single-handedly wins the hearts of many who watched this classic action anime. Living from a family of demons, he is the only man in his family and the only one of his demon “clan” who can use fire.

Rin Okumura

Aoi No Exorcist is an action series that touches on fantasy very closely, creating a conflict between demons and knights. Rin, as the son of Satan, inherits from him the power to use blue fire. This power is usually used in battles, learning to combine it with some weapons such as his sword.

Natsu Dragneer

This fire mage protagonist of one of the most popular anime fantasy stories could not be left out of this list. Not only is he one of the characters who has one of the closest relationships with fire itself, he can also consume fire to restore his mana, making him one of the most powerful mages in history.

Enji “Endeavor” Todoroki

The second greatest hero after All Might is one of the most powerful elemental heroes in his universe. His flames can reach a temperature compared to the sun when he uses his maximum power to concentrate his energy and, in the current arc, also allow him to fly.

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Shinra Kisakabe

From the same creator of Soul Eater, this manga and current anime on air revolves around fire, and while all the characters have powers related to controlling this element, few have stolen the spotlight as much as Shinra’s smile and dedication to being one of the best firefighters.

Shizue Izawa

Maybe this name doesn’t ring a bell since the series where it appears, Slime Datta Ken, has been on the air for a short time, however, this isekai is not lost. Shizue not only came against her will to this world, but also unites her spirit with that of one of the fire spirits, making her one of the most feared and powerful heroines of that universe.

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