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The Dragon Ball anime has given us several iconic villains who have put Goku and his friends in trouble in different adventures, but there is a villain who stands out above the rest, and this is Freezer, and especially stand out for his ability to transform.

So next, we’ll talk about Freezer’s transformations:

Base form

this is Freezer’s recurring form when he first appears. He is short in stature, has two horns, wears army armor and always uses a flying chair to transport him. He always has this transformation to be able to contain all his power, since he himself has said that few enemies have had enough strength to force him to transform.

First transformation

In this first transformation Freezer’s size grows to approximately a height of over 2 meters. In addition, he gains incredible strength compared to his other transformations, although he is a bit slow in this form.

Second form

This is Freezer’s least favorite transformation as he himself says it makes him look like a demon. He looks a lot like a Xenomorph and loses a lot of height, remaining the same size as his base form. In this form, he grows many more horns and his physical appearance looks a bit unpleasant, but, in this form his speed increases considerably.

Original form

This is Freezer’s original form. When he is in this state, he unleashes his maximum power, and as mentioned before, he almost never shows this form due to his small size, which makes him self-conscious. In this form he looks more childish, although his power is released to the maximum. His strength, speed, agility and reflexes increase exponentially and he is able to defeat his enemies with ease.

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Mecha Freezer

Once defeated by Goku, Freezer is completely disfigured when Planet Nameku explodes. His henchmen find his remains floating in space, and decide to rebuild him by incorporating metal parts in his body. Apparently Freezer in this form is quite weak and loses his strength, since Trunks, when he arrives from the future, easily defeats him with his father Kold.

Golden Freezer

After being defeated once again, and spending so much time in hell, Freezer finally decides to train so as not to be defeated by Goku and his friends. Freezer’s race is powerful by nature, and they don’t need training to achieve impressive powers, that’s why he never needed it. When he manages to advance with his training, he unlocks the form of Golden Freezer. This transformation increases all his characteristics exponentially, but it has a great disadvantage and that is that Freezer puts his body under great stress and it cannot resist this transformation for long.

As you can see, these are all the transformations of Freezer in Dragon Ball. Each one has its advantages and features, but undoubtedly the best of all Golden Freezer.

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