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References to Evangelion

We all know that Hideaki Anno’s masterpiece has left its mark on the world of animation, as there have been countless references to it in many anime that Evangelion fans will easily recognize.

And Jujutsu Kaisen is a series that takes some things from Evangelion, since its creator was taken by the series and decided to incorporate subtle aspects that do not go unnoticed to the attentive eye, can you find them?

Artistic inspiration

If you are a lover of painting and art then you will be delighted to know that the opening of the series has a peculiarity that will surprise you: it is based on the painting of a French painter!

“Lunch on the Grass” is a painting by the famous painter Claude Monet, depicting a group of nobles gathered in the countryside. Now if you look closely at one of the scenes in the opening you will notice a lot of similarities if you have seen the painting before.

Family Ties

Gege Akutami (author of the manga) revealed in an interview that the inspiration for Yuji’s character was his older brother. The latter (according to Akutami himself) was excellent in everything he did, as well as a brave personality, traits that he imprinted on Yuji, turning him into a hero willing to do anything.

Large backs?

Did you know that the type of conquests Yuji prefers are women with big butts? Something interesting if we take into account the personality of the protagonist.


Originally, instructor Satoru Gojo started consuming a lot of sweets in order to stimulate his brain and become smarter and smarter, but he ended up overdoing it and all he got was an addiction to them.

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Currently her favorite food is sweet things and she hates things with alcohol in them, considering that she is in charge of the first year students, it is understandable.

The prequel to the success

Jujutsu Kaisen was not originally planned, but appeared as a result after Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School was a hit in manga stores around Japan.

Being a mini-story of only a few chapters in length, this prequel was what prompted the publishers to propose a larger contract to Akutami, which is where the anime we all know came from.

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