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Eren Jaeger is the principal character from Attack on titan. He start being a teenager with a temperamental character and stubborn. It’s this precisely that it makes him have the courage to fight for the humanity.

Interesting facts of Eren Jaeger

Eren Jaeger Facts you didn't know

Where is Eren name come from?

The name Eren come from turkey and that mean holy. And Jaeger allud to the word Jager that in german that mean “Hunter”. Then it mean “Holy Hunter”.

How to know when Eren is Lying?

Eren can’t hide when he is lying, as automatly his cheeks turn red for that.

When is his birthday?

According it can know, Eren birthday is on 30th of March.

Eren figure in Japan

In Japan there is an statue where it is Eren, Mikasa and Armin. This statue it is in front of the natal town of their creator.

shingeki no kyojin statue

The biggest killer of titans

Eren only has kill a one titan in his human form, by contrast he is the biggest killer of these in his Titan Form.

Diferences of the character on Manga and Anime

Isayama (creator of the manga) order that the character on the anime version was represented as a character more useless of that himself was represented in the manga.

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