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A fundametal factor that can never be missing in any anime it’s love. For that in this article we’re gonna show you the best couples on our opinion. If you have another favorite couple you can let us a comment. Good let’s continue…

This is the list of 7 favorites couples by

7) Goku and Milk (Dragon ball)

They met when they were kids but they don’t fall in love until they becoming adults, when After they met again in a martial arts tournament they finally fallen in love and after this they got married. A little time after this they have a son that he called “Gohan”.

6) Sakura and Syaoran (Sakura Card Captor)

This love is something weird. In the beginning Syaoran look like she was fell in love of the brother of Sakura, but with time start to gain respect for Sakura. Slowly they begin to like each other, and finally they fell in love.

5) Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2)

This lovely couple born when their parents get them together for a mutual agreement. Though they don’t like each other on the beginning finally they fall in love. Due both have a temperamental character, they fight too much, but the love each other bigger.

4) Inuyasha and Aome (Inuyasha)

The romance, funny moments, and other things. Makes this anime a great factor to create a big couple.

They know each other in a complex situation. Though they end up being an unstoppable twosome and they not only share a big love but also share big courage to beat any villain in their who dares them.

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3) Darien and Serena (Sailor Moon)

This lovely couple it didn’t have the best beginning as in their origins they didn’t get along but without knowing it they really liked each other.

These and other factor make the relationship so funny and it makes feel to their fans very anxious to see them together as a couple. While this little story of love is very cliché but anyway it won the love of most of their fans.

2) Bulma and Vegeta (Dragon Ball z)

The next couple is the case of an unexpected couple with like many others. He is a Saiyan prince and she is one of the smartest girls in the world. While she does not powers she can do big things with their intelligence and this makes her a super girl even though but without powers.

Fruit of this love born Trunks their son.

1) Naruto and Hitana (Naruto)

Naruto is a child without a father, so imperative that with the time he’s going growing up and winning maturity. On the contrary, Hinata is a shy girl who is in love with Naruto. She comes from a prestigious family in the village.

Hinata starts to note that Naruto was on his own and this begins to arouse more curiosity in her.

With time the love among them grow up and they got married achieving to be a beautiful family.

¿Wich couple did you like more?

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