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Danganropa is one of the best and mysterious Japanese video games by Spike Chunsoft, an incredible story that will leave you intrigued.

Kyko Kirigiri being one of the most skilled fictional characters in Danganropa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Super Danganropa 2.5 Danganropa 3: Future Arc, Danganropa 3: Despair Arc and Danganropa 3: Hope Arc.

Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know:

What does her name mean?

Kyoko in Japanese is spelled 響 子 and is composed of 響 “echo” or “timbre” 子means child, her name suits her relaxed voice.

Kirigiri in kanji 霧 切 means “Mist Cutter” for his role as a detective, in the beta version of Danganropa it is Gyaru.

Similarities with Shuichi Saihara:

These two Dangaropa characters share titles of “High School Super Detective” Shuichi is serious, firm and introverted and Kirigiri is cool and analytical in every situation.

In the game of Murder, Shuichi deduced without clues that the culprits were others, in DRTHH kirigiri had a hard time determining it, only as the story progressed and with clues, they were the first to discover the truth of the murders, they do not take with their parents but with a relative, in Shuichi’s case it was his uncle while in Kirigiri’s case it was his grandfather.

The birthday of the gods and loyal: 

Kirigiri was born on October 16, a month that according to the Japanese calendar was called Kannazuki and means “The month of the Gods”.

Their animal in the Japanese horoscope is the dog, these people keep secrets and are faithful, this is why in the second trial of the class it is shown how the E- Handbook is Chihiro Fujisaki’s and Kyoko says that Mondo Owada broke it, this to protect Chihiro’s secret.

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Your disease explained?

Kirigiri suffered from amnesia which made him not remember anything, in the medical subject he has episodes and temporary memory loss.  

Burned hands:

Kirigiri wears gloves to hide her burns from an accident she had as a child.

Being a detective is her passion:

Kirigiri spends his time investigating since his whole family is detectives.

Creating her character was difficult:

According to writer katusaka Kodaka, creating her in the first game as a detective and for designer Rui Komatsuzaki to make a mysterious girl with a female personality to replace Sayaka Maizono was not easy, the latter being slated to be the hero of the first game. 

Her death:

In Danganronpa 3: The End Of Hopes Peak High School, Kyoko survives the last trial and manages to escape with other surviving students at the end of the game, but is injected with poison for failing an action and dies.

Fears and Gifts:

In one scene Kyoko tells Makoto that despite being cold, she feels anger and fear, which she shows by not finding her father.

Another curiosity is that the remains of his father’s bones had been placed in the gift box by Monokuma.

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