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Sports have always been shown in movies and series as a form of training, which, while not deadly, can become suitable only for the strongest of the litter.

Hajime No Ippo is an excellent representation of boxing, and that is why this time we bring you curiosities of Hajime No Ippo that will leave you surprised, join us!

1. “The song of champions”.

We all know the much-acclaimed “champion’s song” sung by Takamura and the other fighters in the karaoke room in episode 45 of the anime. What few probably know is that the song actually exists!

It is the work of a famous Japanese guitarist, and although the lyrics have changed substantially in the Latin and English version, it is still an interesting fact.

2. Supernatural Force

In every series there is an OP character, with inhuman strength and who never gives up. In Hajime No Ippo, the position goes to Takamura, who defeated a wild bear with a clean punch in the mountains, and beat 4 boxers simultaneously, all by himself!

Although there is no explanation for his great skill with his fists and his great physical endurance, what we do attribute to Takamura is the willpower that allows him to keep going.

3. Takamura’s opponents are related to some animal.

Almost all of Takamura’s opponents are related in some way to an animal, which could be related to his last name, which means “Hawk” in Japanese.

4. The fisherman’s inheritance

One of Hajime No Ippo‘s creator’s favorite pastimes is fishing, and he loved it so much that he even added his personal touch to the protagonist.

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Have you ever wondered why Ippo’s family owns a fishing boat charter? Well, that’s where it comes from!

5. Professional Inspiration

Many of Ippo’s techniques are inspired by real professional boxers, and his fighting style takes its place from such greats as Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey and the occasional Japanese boxer.

This is because the creator explains that Ippo is, so to speak, an amalgam of fighters from which he drew the best techniques to defeat his rivals.

6. References, references everywhere!

When an anime becomes famous, it is normal that others make references to its best moments, this is the case of Hajime No Ippo, which with its games, manga and series reached such popularity that anime like Gintama, Konosuba and Gundam Build Fighter have used several of the techniques of the famous boxers of the anime.

What do you think of these curiosities, do you have any others? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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