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Ippo Makunouchi is the main character of Hajime no Ippo. An anime about the life of this boxing fighter, whose dream is to become a professional and become the world champion. You probably already knew the above, but, maybe you don’t know these Ippo Makunouchi’s Curiosities that we will leave you below.

Things you didn’t know about Ippo Makunouchi

  1. Despite being a jock, he was doing very well in school. In fact, in one chapter of the anime it is mentioned that thanks to his grades he could enter any university he wanted. Something that goes totally against the stereotypes of youth athletes.
  2. The first and only sport that Ippo has practiced is Boxing.
  3. Ippo’s main goal from the first moment he started boxing was to discover “how it feels to be strong”.
  4. Ippo’s move called “Perfect Uppercut” is similar to the punch used by Éder Jofre.
  5. The two opponents Ippo lost to early in his career were both defeated by Ricardo Martinez twice.
  6. Despite being a superb boxer, Ippo does not like fights.
  7. Its name: Ippo means “One step” in Japanese, while Hajime means “First”. It could be said then that the title of the series would be “The first steps” or “The first step”.
  8. Ippo’s fighting style is a combination of the styles of Mike Tyson and Ray Mancini.
  9. Ippo birthday on November 23.
  10. Ippo’s blood type is O.
  11. According to Ippo’s own words he will never forget the fights against: Date, Gonzales and Antonio.
  12. Ippo’s favorite fighter is Takamura.
  13. His favorite stroke is the right hook.
  14. His favorite fighting place is the Kourakuen Hall.
  15. Ippo’s favorite real-life fighter is Mike Tyson.
  16. Ippo once mentioned to Miyata that his shoe size was 25.5cm.
  17. Although he is able to drive a boat well, Ippo is known to be a terrible car driver.
  18. Although Ippo weighs in at 126 pounds, he once knocked out an opponent who was two weight classes heavier than him with one punch.
  19. Ippo is strong enough to carry 8 boxes full of fish.
  20. Ippo did not touch the canvas for 10 fights in a row, starting his streak from the fight with Sanada Kazuki, until his fight with Alfredo Gonzales.
  21. Ippo has the same height, and the same reach, both being 165.1 cm.
  22. Ippo’s record is 26 fights, with 23 wins and 3 losses.
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These are the curiosities of Ippo Makunouchi that you probably didn’t know. If you want to know more about this wonderful boxer follow his adventures in the Hajime no Ippo anime.

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