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When we talk about demons, we imagine a supernatural being that induces terror or fear; a creditor of evil according to the religious contexts that have been inculcated for years. However, nowadays, exactly in the world of Japanese series we have been shown a totally different vision of these creatures.

With a fresh, fun and humorous presentation, they have made inroads into the screens of the Japanese population and the world. And, we cannot leave this topic aside. Therefore, we decided to select some titles of anime series where these creatures are shown in another facet than we usually remember them.

10. High school DXD

The main character Iseei Hyoudou is a second year boy with somewhat perverted behaviors. One day he goes on a blind date with a girl named Yūma Amano, at the end of the date, the night comes and she decides to show her true form.

She is actually a fallen angel who is going to assassinate him, without escape the boy dies. However, the next day he discovers that she has been reincarnated as a demon and from that very day he works for the Clan to which she belongs.

This anime contains comedy, ecchi, harem and shounen. If you like this combination of elements, then this anime is for you.

9. Berserk

The character of this anime, Guts, is a mysterious and cruel mercenary demon hunter. He possesses a strange artificial arm and a giant sword. In Berserk we will see a man with a thirst for revenge against the dark forces but accompanied by a tender elf. Throughout the story we will unravel the difficult paths he will have and his hard past.

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8. Hataraku Maou-sama

Sadao is a demon king who has been transported to the real world exactly Tokyo Japan. Emilia in this case the heroine goes in pursuit of Sadao, but she can’t bring him back to her world since her powers don’t work properly. So the plans are paused, Sadao works part-time in a restaurant and Emilia for her part the same, staying somewhat trapped in the real world.

7. Claymore

It takes us into a medieval world where demons rule much of their lives. These demons have the ability to change their physical appearance to deceive the villagers and feed on them. To fight against them, an organization containing warriors with special qualities is created.

6. Devil May Cry

Based on a video game and taken to an anime series, it tells the story of Dante, a man half human and demon; who to pay off his debts works hunting demons in constant fights and hordes.

He leads a somewhat carefree lifestyle and tries to ignore the fact that he is accompanied by a little girl named Patty.

5. Chrono Crusade

We are invited to know the story of Rosette, an exorcist who works for a religious organization. In addition to being an exorcist almost full time, she is in search of her brother who has been kidnapped by a demon. In her search, Rosette makes a pact with a demon named Chrono to obtain his help.

4. Dororo

A man depressed by the possibility of losing everything he has achieved, decides to make a pact with twelve demons to save his land and have dominion over all of Japan. His ambition is immeasurable and he sells his son to these demons. Abandoned to his fate, Hyakkimaru survives thanks to a doctor who reconstructs his body. As an adult, he begins his journey to hunt down all these demons and rebuild his body.

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3.  Ao No Exorcist

Rin Okumura is a boy with a bad temper, somewhat violent and rebellious who has been raised with his brother, by a priest. On his birthday he learns that he is actually the son of the devil and the possessor of the blue flame.

However, determined to change the fate that seems already written, he decides to become an exorcist.

2. Inuyasha

A story that gives rise to the usual demons. This series tells the story of Kamado Tanjiro, a young man who, after the death of his father, decides to take on the responsibility of caring for and protecting his family. One day Tanjiro goes to sell coal to bring money for his family, but he didn’t expect it to be so late and he has to sleep over at a neighbor’s house. When he returns home the next day, he finds to his horror that his family has been murdered. However, his sister Nezuko survives the brutal attack, but turned into a demon.

Tanjiro is determined to find the murderer of his family and to find the cure that will make his sister human again.

1. Kimetsu no yaiba

This story takes place in ancient feudal Japan. Where the main character Inuyasha is a half-human demon, who has been sealed for trying to steal a pearl that is guarded by the priestess Kikyo. A high school girl named Kagome travels back in time through a well. On the other side is Inuyasha who is sealed in a tree.

She decides to awaken Inuyasha from his seal in search of help. Giving rise to develop together incredible adventures.

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In anime, demons can be presented as disloyal creatures that create evil, but there are also protagonists in these stories that show us their struggle for truth, love and justice. If you like any of the list, or if any of them are missing let us know with your comments.

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