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Danganronpa is one of the best-known sagas in Japanese mystery and visual video games that came to the West and, hand in hand, has an excellent story that has been almost completely animated.

Nagito Komaeda, as one of the most important people in class 77 and who has been in more events because of his Ultimate Lucky Student*** power, has quite a rich history. Although much of his story can be seen Danganronpa 2.5 and Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc, it is not complete; therefore, here we bring you some curiosities.

What does the name Naguito mean?

Naguito has a curious name even in its Japanese version as it is composed of very old Kanjis, that is, his family probably comes from some ancient family tree. This goes very well with Naguito’s social class since his family is very wealthy.

Its name, in English, means Calm Under the Bear, which means that you are somehow cared for by the Big Dipper and the Komaeda, has the Kanji to form branches of the Lion Dog Tree, the Lion Dog being a kind of guardian dogs of the traditional temples of Japan.

Similarities with Makoto Naegui

Both Naguito and Makoto share the same title, that of Super Lucky, however, Makoto, as stated by the games’ writer, represents the good path that Naguito failed to take during the events brought about by Junko in Class 77.

Hand in hand, because of everything he has been through throughout his life, Naguito has a very extreme fixation on hope, which leads him to practice it to extremes, without thinking about the consequences behind his actions.

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Super lucky and unlucky at birth

Naguito is born on April 28th, April being a month that is considered very unlucky because in Japan the pronunciation of 4 sounds very similar to that of the word death. The 28th instead is considered a day of double fortune.

Due to this curious birth, Naguito has had a streak of extreme luck followed by a streak of very bad luck, constantly living these two sides.

His dementia, explained?

One of the things they say in the extra content about Naguito is that he suffers from Severe Dementia in the Fronto-Temporal Lobe, which generates a behavioral variant. Translated from the medical language, this means that he has severe behavioral problems and does not feel empathy.

Naguito’s coma and illusion

During the series, in Danganronpa 2.5, we discover that Naguito went into a coma and, although this is caused by everything that has happened to him, it also happens because he has a stage 3 malignant lymphoma.

Both his complexion and the color of his hair are due to this severe form of cancer, which also greatly affects his general health. He has managed to live with this since the events in class 77 thanks to his excellent fortune, that is, he lives by luck.

Fan of B movies

One of the things that this character likes the most is horror movies with beings like zombies, vampires and other creatures of the b-movie genre. Likewise, he does not like thrillers or suspense or realistic horror because they remind him of his life.

Almost Ultimate Super Detective

The initial idea was for Naguito to be like the Kyoko Kiriguiri of his class, however this idea was dropped to represent more the idea of a Makoto who did not know how to handle his “hope”.

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As your death Happy Havoc reference

At the moment of death, many things happen at the same time with Naguito, this makes references to different deaths of characters of the 78th class, both during the trials and those that happened before them.

Some of the references that can be quickly appreciated are: Sayaka maisono’s death, in the hand stabbing, Chihiro fuyizaki’s, because of the way she was tied up, Sakura’s tragic poisoning and the trial where Junko is pierced by her own piercing.

Naguito and Hajime Hinata

Flying phobia and other facts about “super luck”.

This character’s super luck has its ups and downs as he also has super bad luck. This has led to, for example, his parents dying on a flight where he was with them when he was hit by a meteorite and he is the only survivor.

Another curious event was his kidnapping, in which he was returned because the kidnapper saw that no one would pay his bail. After the capture of his captor, his death and so on, Naguito found a lottery ticket in his bag left by the kidnapper with which he won 3 million yen.

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