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Monokuma is one of the most essential villain characters in the entire sequel, being the main antagonist, he is in the form of a bear and serves as the mascot. He appears in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganropa 2: Goodbye Despair Ultra Despair Girls, Danganropa Another Episode, Danganropa 3: The End of Hopes Peak Academy, Danganropa V3: Killing Harmony.

Here are some curiosities that might interest you about this peculiar bear:

What does his name mean?

Monokuma is the combination between Mono (Monochrome) which refers to a mixture of black and white, its Japanese spelling is モ ノ ク ロ. ” Kuma” (bear) in Japanese is written クマ in English is Bear and in kanji is モノクマ.

Similar to the Yin-Yang symbol which has a balance between good and evil.

Similarities with Junko Enoshima:

Both are similar, both play with the participants’ minds causing them to panic depending on the situation.

Monokuma makes sure to keep order, has a sick mentality, manipulates emotions and plays on despair, Junko is sadistic and changes personalities.

Birthdays of bad luck and suffering:

Monokuma’s birthday is October 19, “month of the Gods” according to the Japanese calendar, Monokuma believes he is the master of the game.

The number 9, which represents bad luck in Japan and means “Pain” Monokuma in the game likes to cause such emotion.

Manipulation and desperation: 

Monokuma is manipulative and obsessed with despair, the reason why he is like this is because Junko designed him based on his personality. The red eye of the bear signifies evil and bloodshed, the white color represents hope while black represents despair, on a medical level, these manipulative people are aware of what they do, such as projecting guilt onto others.

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Identity of Monokuma?

By confessing that he was a virtual version of Junko Enoshima and infiltrated the virtual reality as a virus for the purpose of desperation, in the ending of Darangopa it is believed that Junko is nothing more than Monokuma’s true identity and that all this time he was hiding to cause destruction and manipulation.

Fan of Self-destruction:

Monokuma likes violence, which is why at every opportunity he boasts of his wickedness.


Monokuma possesses the ability to teleport in many parts of the academy unlike other characters.

Alleged death of Monokuma:

In Danganropa V3: Killing Harmony Kaito Momoto confronts Monokuma, when he explodes the kubs kids think he “died” and begin to take revenge.

Intelligence and Attack: Secret

You cannot confront any student unless they attack you.

Another curiosity is that it only becomes powerful depending on who can control it, one of them Junko enoshima.

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